• NEJEM MARINE GROUP LTD. ŞTİ. Is a Marine Services & Consultancy company founded - incorporated in Syria 2000, offering services in Marine - Naval platforms, primarily Shipping Agency, Marine Training Courses, Consultancies, Chartering, New Ship Building & Repair services, Ship Management and high level international services for Open-Sea Fishing, Crewing, P&I, and Insurance, Flag’s Registration, Classification. The founders of the company,(Numbers of Captains & Naval Architects & Marine Engineers & Port State officers & Independent Surveyors and lawyers) professionally grown ın the shipping and spent most of their life in various Marine & Shipping Business activities and fully committed to sharing their experiences and knowledge with customers under the light of the latest rules, regulations, standards, Besides our staff is well-experienced in all maritime aspects and has followed several training courses related to maritime fields. During the war, the company stopped it’s activities in Syria 2015. Then after Reopened again in Turkey İskenderun 2019.

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